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About Us

Bangladesh Edible Oil Limited (BEOL) was established in 1993. Ever since then BEOL has formed and proven the image in the competitive market as consumer pack edible oil under the well-known household brands like Rupchanda, Fortune, Kings, Meizan, Veola etc. Till now BEOL has persistently improved quality and introduced new packaging adapting the highlighting ongoing trend and added value considering the well-being of the consumers in all the oil brands of the company to consolidate leading position in the market. BEOL is the first company to introduce packing of edible oil in PET bottles, pouch and bag in box and also the first to launch a sachet pack in mustard oil in Bangladesh.

BEOL is a 100% foreign owned joint venture between Wilmar International Limited of Singapore and Adani Group of India. A corporation between the Adani Group and the Wilmar Corporation was born a decade ago to transform the appearance of the edible oil business in the country.

Competing with the established domestic brands and aggressive Multinational corporations Adani Wilmar Limited had a mammoth task ahead of it. Rupchanda is the flagship brand of Bangladesh Edible Oil Limited. It has started its journey in 1996 and since then it has made its place as the “numero-uno” in the branded edible oil category. From the very beginning, Rupchanda has taken steps to prepare the nation about the vitality of staying fit and healthy. Most significantly, over the last 26 years BEOL’s number 1 edible oil brand Rupchanda has been continuously focusing on improving the quality of life of its consumers. Rupchanda Fortified Soya bean Oil has been awarded as “the best edible oil brand” in Best Brand Award given by Bangladesh Brand forum, a multi-faceted knowledge sharing organization in Bangladesh, for seven consecutive years since the inception of the award. Moreover, Rupchanda received the ‘Super Brands Bangladesh 2018’ award at a program organized by the same organization.

“Fortune”, a brand of Adani Wilmar Ltd, was launched in 2000, allocating AWL’s foray into the branded packaged edible oil business. Within merely 20 months of its launch, Fortune rose to become India’s largest selling edible oil brand and became popular day by day. The brand was launched in Bangladesh back in 2014 and within a short time it became popular in Bangladesh as well. A revolution in the world of cooking oils, rice bran oil is naturally enriched with multiple nutrients that transform into health benefits for every member in the family. Fortune Fortified Edible rice bran oil is a physically refined rice bran oil with numerous benefits, having a high smoke point makes the oil a wholesome oil. 

Bearing that torch right up to this day, Bangladesh Edible Oil Ltd acquired Shun Shing Edible Oil Ltd in June 2016 to tailor to the increasing demand for edible oil in Bangladesh. Veola soyabean oil is the new addition under the umbrella of BEOL.