Meizan  - Bangladesh Edible Oil Limited

Meizan Fortified Palm Olein, is a healthier as well as convenient choice for the price sensitive rural consumers.

In Bangladesh total edible oil market size is 1.8 million tons/Year and rural consumption is around 70% of the total consumption. However, in rural brand vs. loose is 4% – 96% due to the poor communication infrastructure and low per capita income, rural mass people depend on low quality and cheaper priced loose edible oil. Due to the inability of the poor to affordable branded quality products loose oil became the ultimate solution which is not only harmful to health but also incurring extra costs for health risks generated from using loose oil. Although BEOL did not able to capture this solid opportunity in rural market earlier but it is obvious that the rural dwellers also had a need for a healthy edible oil option which is within their reach and in their preferable and affordable price range.

Keeping these factors in mind BEOL promotes Meizan as the only international standard super refined palm olein with added nutrition (Vitamin A, E) to keep the rural families fit, healthy and fine. Like Rupchanda soyabean oil, Meizan is also Vitamin A fortified. This attribute of Meizan is vital for the health condition of Bangladesh considering Meizan’s wider potential in rural areas from price point of view which is a huge number in our country.