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Rupchanda Chinigura Rice

Rupchanda Chinigura Rice

Rupchanda Chinigura Rice: In our Country, there is no one who doesn’t appreciate good quality polau, but to do that precisely, it is must to know the standards that ensures the apparent quality of rice. Rupchanda Premium Aromatic Chinigura Rice maintains presence of broken rice & big grains in a tolerance limit set by its own, because there is no established standard for rice quality in Bangladesh.

In BEOL lab, Rupchanda Premium Aromatic Chinigura is found having lowest level of broken rice & big grains, which ensures non-sticky & a perfect polau at your table.

Rupchanda Chinigura Rice


Rupchanda Minicate is a premium quality daily consumed rice. This super fined thin grained rice is collected from Nandipara village of Bogura. The place is famous for producing high quality Minicate rice. Keeping in mind about the consumers, BEOL is providing premium quality. Rupchanda Premium Minicate rice is perfectly packaged and maintains hygiene for the health conscious consumers of the country. 


Considering the different taste of our consumers in daily consumed rice, Rupchanda has come up with Rupchanda Najirshail. To provide the premium quality, it is cultivated in specialized agricultural areas of Bogura. Rupchanda Najirshail is best for cooking steamed rice and khichuri. Considering our consumer satisfaction Rupchanda has made it available in the markets in improved quality, sealed consumer packets of 5kg.